Haul: The Body Shop

The Body Shop haul
Mini haul from TBS!

The other week I headed to The Body Shop (TBS) to purchase 1 of my favourite skin care item, the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. I had decided to switch to foam cleanser now because it is softer on the skin. It doesn’t help that when I went into the store, there was a 20% sale on all items for members so I picked up a few items to try (Prices in brackets are in original price):

  1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser ($22.90) – I had this few years ago and had started to use it recently because I don’t want to waste the product. This foam cleanser is suitable for acne skin as foam doesn’t aggravate your skin on the surface as you cleanse. I like the after smell of tea tree oil.
  2. White Musk Eau De Toilette ($56.90) – I would not purchase this perfume if I didn’t have a 50% voucher on me. I had liked white musk for a long time but just couldn’t afford to buy it at a higher price.
  3. British Rose Soap ($11.90) – When the British Rose series was launched, I was tempted to get at least 1 of the items and only now I got this.
  4. Grape seed Gloss Serum ($26.90) – I tried the tester and I LOVE the smell! I have frizzy hair so I’m hoping this serum will make a difference to my hair once I start using it.
  5. Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask 8ml ($4.90) – I just bought it because I had always wanted to try the Vitamin E series.
  6. Skin Clearing Toner 60ml ($8.90) – I received this for free because I had bought over $79. Yikes. I picked this toner out of the body wash because toner is more beneficial for me as I use them often for my skin care routine.

And that’s all for this time’s haul. Until next time, take care!


A trip to Daiso, Miri.

Yesterday I stopped by Daiso in Bintang Mall, Miri. Ever since I knew the opening of Daiso, I had been itching to go. I mean, it couldn’t be any more different than the ones in Japan, could they?

Daiso Miri

The moment I entered the store, I first shopped from the first isle, which was my favourite section of the whole store, FOOD. Since everything is priced at RM5.30 (It’s RM5 plus 6% GST), I told myself to take about 10 items for this 1st trip. I took my sweet time at the food isle because everything is the same from Japan: furikake, rice, curry, seasonings, etc. Needless to say, I bought a lot of my favourite food that I missed consuming: Here’s the list of food I had shamelessly bought:

Japanese food Daiso

  • Goma (Sesame) dressing for the salad. I initially took 2 bottles but because I never tried this one, I settled for just one.
  • Tempura powder. I love tempura and I hope this packet could produce the tempura that is shown on the package: Nice, crispy texture.
  • Butter shoyu furikake and salmon seaweed furikake. Furikake is a type of condiment you put on top of your rice.
  • Vegetable curry sauce. Admittedly I am not a fan of Japanese curry because it is ‘sweet’ for me who prefers Indian curry. But then again, I rarely eat Japanese curry so this time, I bought this to try.
  • Mentaiko cream spaghetti sauce. Mentaiko is a kind of fish egg. These spaghetti packs are easy to cook too. Either microwave it or put into hot boiling water for 5 minutes and it is ready for serving. I remembered not liking mentaiko but I actually missed this food!
  • Melon soda. I missed melon bread so I bought the soda to compensate.
  • UCC Blended Coffee and Mild Milk Tea. These 2 cans come at a price of 1 and I missed Japanese coffee and milk tea too.
  • And a small sakura tea cup because it is cute XD

I told myself that the next time I visit Daiso, I better bring a backpack or a hand carry luggage as these items were heavy to carry in a plastic bag. I hope Daiso will stay in Miri forever because that’s the only place for me to buy cheap Japanese food.

Review: Fratini’s Restaurant

Every once a year, Fratini’s Restaurants offer half price discounts for their pizza and pasta, granted you have to dine-in at the establishment and pay with cash. It is only at this time of the year where I could afford to eat any pizza or pasta without feeling a big burn to my pocket, figuratively.

One of the things you will notice is the naming of these dishes. Being an Italian restaurant, the dishes have Italian names. I ordered the Ravioli Al Gamberoni, a “home-made pasta filled with minced prawn meat and cream cheese, tossed with squid, olives, and parsley sauce”, or so it states on the menu which you can see from the website. Basically, a kind of pasta with lots of sauce, pictured below:

Fratini Ravioli Gamberoni
Look at that sauce!

Personally, I couldn’t care less for presentation. I mean, food is meant to enter your tummy so if the food is good, that’s all it matters. Well, if the food’s presentation is good, it gives you the impression that the food is likely to be good too. But what I love about this dish is the sauce. That generous amount of sauce over 5 pieces of ravioli was something I couldn’t love about this dish. There are many kinds of pasta dishes (spaghetti, lasagne, fettuccine, linguine, penne, etc) and ravioli is my favourite. Portion size wise, I think it is alright, although I know I could go for another serving because it isn’t a very heavy meal. Price for 1 dish is $16.25.

My mom ordered the Linguine Fratini, a “pasta with a special mixture of seafood: mussel, clams, prawn, squid spiced with garlic, chili, basil, olives, capers, anchovies and tomato sauce”. Is it meant for 2 persons, and I like how everything is served inside an aluminium foil to prevent spillage. For this dish, the sauce is a little bit spicy, no, actually, tiny bit. I tried a bit of this dish and could I finish it by myself? Maybe if I don’t have anything else. This dish is priced at $29.25 but if you split the bill in half, it is still cheaper than 1 plate of ravioli!

Liguine Fratini

Fratini’s Restaurant website is here if you want to take a look at their menu and prices. Let me end this post with a slice of their Supreme pizza! Yums.

Fraitini Supreme pizza

Altador Cup XI

I am currently playing the Altador Cup for neopets.

These ASG and ACG talks pissed me off. At least ACG had been nerfed by TNT but not ASG because they play fairly.

While it is true that they play fairly, for many players who are non-ASG, it can be frustrating.

ASG (All-Star Group) is a group of dedicated players who play for getting an All-Star rank or beyond, and that their goal will be to score the best possible maximum scores and/or games. I say this because when the results were out, you can see a clear margin of them winning. ASG band together to join a team and needless to say, other teams won’t have a chance of winning against ASG.

Why? Well, the winning team is decided by the quality and quantity of scores. If one team were to go against ASG, that team must outperformed ASG. That also means to max out on all 4 games.

I post this because I felt the frustration my team face when we lose all 4 games against the team that has ASG. It just makes our effort futile. And now, I think I am very, very sad.

Why can’t you guys just join a team you like and play all the way for an All-Star rank?

Review: Tasconi’s Pizza

Firstly, thanks to mom who bought us today’s dinner, food from Tasconi’s Pizza.

There is the on-going promotions for 2 regular pizzas priced at $19.90. We also bought a regular size Tasconi’s Roll ($7.50), honey tower cheese sticks ($2.50) & 2 personal sizes of spaghetti bolognese and baked macaroni ($5.50 each).

The pizza flavours are honey garlic chicken & kebab delight. As always, their pizza topping is generous. The crust isn’t very thick to chew and both pizzas are proportionately equally sized. Regular has 6 pieces altogether.

The tasconi’s roll however is filled with spicy sardines and chopped big onions wrapped inside a pizza bread. I personally like this one because the spiciness is just right.

Honey tower cheese sticks featured 6 pieces of sticks and is heavily coated with honey. It felt more like honey bread.

Lastly, baked macaroni & spaghetti bolognese. Both were also covered with minced meat & cheese, except that the spaghetti has sauce in it. Not too bad for a personal portion.

Review: Delmozza’s Sweet N Savory Pizza

For starters, I am not a cheese lover. As in, I tried to avoid cheese where possible. However, cheese in pizza isn’t a problem with me, if I don’t feel the ‘cheesiness’. Pizza is one of the best food to have, regardless of moods. And because my sister had been craving for pizza since last week, she took the opportunity to order one from the local pizza place.

This place is called Delmozza. I have no clue to its origin in name but it seemed like the name comes from mozzarella. That is just my guess so please don’t quote me. Anyways, this home-made pizza comes in a simple plain box with their sticker on top.


The one my sister ordered is ‘Sweet N Savory’ i.e Honey Garlic Chicken. I like the alternative name to this famous local dish. The pizza is actually thin-crust which I, unfortunately, did not take a picture of (It was an afterthought). The chicken topping isn’t a lot and I find it weird to have sesame seed spread all over. However, the combination of sweetness from the honey and the cheesiness from the cheese makes it easier to eat, personally. If the cheese flavor is stronger, I might have to give it a pass. My sister who ordered the same pizza a few months back said that the sweetness had been reduced.

Either way, for only the promotional price $10 for this 8 slices pizza, it surely beat Pizza Hut anytime. So if you happen to be living in around KB, you’re entitled to free delivery. Check out their IG page here!

Delmozza Sweet N Savory

$30+ worth of Silkygirl products


The other day I entered a lucky draw competition organized by Guardian Brunei for a prize of $30 worth of Silkygirl product. I am thankful that I had won free items. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff?

The items I received are as follow:

  1. Colors Radiant 50ml Eau de Toilette
  2. Perfect Stay Eye Primer + Shadow in 04 Stylish
  3. Long-Wearing Eyeliner in 01 Black Black
  4. Moisture Rich Lipstick in 30 Posh
  5. Sweetheart Deodorant spray
  6. Magic BB Powder Foundation in 03 Medium
  7. Pouch

Once again, thank you to Guardian Brunei for hosting lucky draws. Check out their Facebook Page, as well as their Instagram for future raffles. Thanks for reading!

Review: Bee Biznizz’s Kek Batik Crunchy Chocolate

It is that time of the year where bustling individual cake sellers advertised their cake recipes for the Eid. This is also the opportunity where many of us would order our cakes online or visiting their booths.

A friend of mine advertised her business of cake selling for the first time. I am very eager to try one of her kek batik as there are proven reviews that it is good. Curious, I ordered one and got my order last night.

When she handed me the cake, it was obvious that the cake was taken out from a freezer. Reason being, her kek batik has this gooey chocolate coating all over. And if exposed to continuous heat, the coating will melt. The measurement for each cake she made is 8 inches by 8 inches by 1.5 inches.

Photo 6-11-16, 23 55 25

By the time I got home, the cake is still intact. I cut out a bar and then into pieces (pictured below) for sampling. I am a sweet tooth and I think the cake isn’t very sweet. She told me she didn’t add in sugar and the sweetness comes from the susu manis (sweetener). Having baked them myself in the past, I remembered adding both sugar and sweetener because I like it sweet. This cake is generous in marie biscuits too, which adds in to the crunchiness of the cake, and hence the name!

I think this is the first time I bought cake from a friend I knew. Normally, my mom would buy cakes from her friends. Overall, yummy cake! This is too early to say but here’s hoping she would open orders for next year’s Eid.

Photo 6-11-16, 23 56 33

Food Review: Maggi Sarawak Sambal Laksa

Pricing at $2.70 for 4 packets, it doubts me if I should spend that much for packed noodles. Since my mom bought it for food sampling, I had decided to give it a go.

The packet comes with a paste and powdered cream. When the water is boiled, add in both noodles and paste. The paste smells like prawn, the base of a sambal. Not really my forte because I am not much of a sambal person. Once the cooking is done, add creamer. It’s funny how they label it as ‘cream’ (krim) because I think the appropriate label may be ‘coconut powder’. And yes, that is actually santan. The moment you add in the cream, the soup colour turned to what you see above.

Thankfully it isn’t very spicy and the smell of the soup wasn’t overpowering. Despite added coconut powder, the soup doesn’t feel very ‘heavy’ in texture. Maybe if I had reduced my water then the whole dish would feel complete. Still, the sambal puts me off.

I like it but personally, I would prefer to eat my laksa elsewhere.