Review: The Krema @ Kiulap

The other night my friend wanted to go to Krema at Kiulap. Since I had never been there, my friend showed me the way. It is located at the same block with CA Mohamed.

At first glance the food are pricey. I decided to order French Fries ($3) & my friend ordered the Calamari ($5.50). I had Ice peach tea ($2.80 I think) to go with the food.

Little did I know the food portion came out surprisingly big. This is my personal favourite but I like how their French Fries are the crinkle fries type. Calamari was served generously, probably about 15 rings or more, heavily coated with herbs and black pepper, albeit black pepper is a little overpowering but still bearable. I also like the cup shape of my ice peach tea.

The ambience of the cafe was pretty chill. There is this chill corner at the end of the cafe (where I mistaken as the resting place for the staff) and the staff are friendly. Overall I would visit this cafe again and perhaps chill on the floor enjoying my crinkle fries.