A Guest at UBD Toastmasters Club- 29th August 2016

On 29th August, I attended the Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s (UBD) Toastmaster session that was held at UBD Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) next to the Student Affair’s Section/Student Central. It has been almost 9 months since my last attendance as guest to the UBD Toastmaster session. To be honest, it hadn’t felt very long either.

I volunteered to do a Table Topic Speech and was given the question, “Would you rather stay as a kid or an adult?” I almost forgot how to do an impromptu speech! My speech was all over the place but I nailed at least a minute and a half out of the two allocated minutes so maybe I still have it in me.

Even though as a guest, I felt slightly intimidated by how well and smooth the event runs throughout. Of course there are rooms for improvement, but as a guest, when you see the event runs flawlessly, you can’t help but to wonder if you would be able to do as such if you are given a role.

There was a guest speaker from the US and her name is Laura Allen. She gave a speech on “Choose Yourself”. It made me realize I can do better at what I do if I allow myself to. The session ended at 9:30pm and I was glad I attended this session.

Check out UBD Toastmasters Club WordPress by clicking here. Once again, I thanked all UBD TMC committee for giving us guest a great experience.


Review: Pondok Sari Wangi @ Serusop

I heard of this place as a place to eat Indonesian food. My perception of Indonesian food consists of ayam penyet and bakso. Their cuisine isn’t far off from a Malay cuisine, of course with Indonesian’s own twist.

I headed to Pondok Sari Wangi over at Kiulap for my dinner. I craved for Ayam Penyet with some sort of soup and vegetable. It wasn’t hard to decide which vegetable I wanted because I know it’s made from potato leaves (daun ubi). I ordered Es Kacang Merah (Ice Red bean) for my drink.


The Ice Kacang Merah!

I was surprised at how much coconut milk this drink had! I could feel taste the richness of the coconut while sipping onto the drink. It is also very sweet, partly from the red bean and maybe sugar itself.

Gulai Daun Sing Kong

This is the Gulai Daun Sing Kong (Potato leaves in curry seasoning). I initially though they wouldn’t serve me soup (only to have found out they do) so I ordered this for my rice. This dish is also filled with coconut milk creaminess and slight spicy.

Nasi Ayam Kremes

Last but not least, the main course, Nasi Ayam Kremes (Fried chicken with crunchy flakes). Evidently at the chicken is the flakes. I think portion wise for the price of $4.50, it is alright. I didn’t bother trying the sambal because I know it is too spicy. It is served with white rice, cucumber slices, raw long beans and cabbage slices, sambal and chicken thigh part.

My heavy dinner: $2 drink, $2 vegetable soup and $4.50 main course, which brings a total of $8.50

Pondok Sari Wangi actually serves free water and soup. If only I had asked, I would’ve saved $4. The pricing for their menu dishes, especially rice sets, are of $5 range so I think it is affordable. The staff are friendly too. Maybe next time I will try their ayam penyet without ordering any drinks.