Food Review: Kaizen Sushi, Waterfront

Japanese food is common in Brunei. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants here and the price ranges from affordable to expensive. 1 of the best establishment to have Japanese food is to dine in at Kaizen Sushi. The appeal of this restaurant is the quality of food they served.

3 weeks ago, a friend and I decided to head over to the Waterfront branch. Thankfully, I remembered to make a reservation prior having our dinner as that day was payday. When it is payday, it is best to make a reservation to secure your seat. The thing I like about dining at the Waterfront is the night view of the Kampong Ayer (Water Village). Here’s what we ordered:

There’s gyoza, iwashi (mackerel), Kaizen roll, spider something roll and 1 more that I had forgotten the name. Spicy roll maybe.

It was quite a lot for 2 and we almost couldn’t finish it. The total bill came to about $40.

If you have the opportunity to try Japanese food from Kaizen, I’d recommend their Okonomiyaki and Squid Fried Rice. These 2 are my personal favourites!


Happy 11th Anniversary, Super Junior!

Today is the day! 11 years ago, Super Junior debut with ‘Twins’ on SBS. As an ELF, I couldn’t be more happier. Back in the high school days where K-Pop was THE thing, I remembered a friend of mine was showing me and other girls this picture (without the names):


She asked us to pick a guy based on appearance. I remembered thinking to myself, “That guy (HeeChul) looked scary, and so as him (DongHae). Hmm, I’ll pick him (Ryeowook) coz I like the way his hair was styled and he is looking at me with a very soft look.” And yes, that is how Ryeowook became my bias until today.

The 1st video I remembered watching was ‘U’. That’s when the new member, Kyuhyun, joined the group. Still, I couldn’t remember who is who as there are 13 guys in a boyband, except for Ryeowook’s.

And then, Super Junior rocked the world with this song hit that many people are familiarize:

Thanks to ‘Sorry Sorry’, the Hallyu wave grew even stronger. I was a J-Pop fan so I don’t follow SuJu very closely. So yes, I missed 9 years of Super Junior fandom. Crazy, I know. But it’s never too late to revisit the fandom and fell in love all over again, right?

Super Junior’s existence was everywhere to me though. Every time I passed by this particular CD shop I would see this poster:



I also remembered seeing Super Junior advertisement poster in Japan and go, “Wow, Super Junior is still going strong, that’s great!”

I don’t remember how I got back to the fandom. I guess I was watching 1 video, and then 1 lead to another, and here I am, officially being an ELF once more. Needless to say, there were SO many ‘catching up’ to do: watching live shows, concerts, performances, etc. I was glad I fell back in love to not just Ryeowook but also to other members.

And with that, let me list down the best of Super Junior videos I enjoyed watching on repeat. Even if you’re not an ELF, I think watching these videos may convert you to one 😉

#1 When you have 100+ of songs and dance choreography, not surprising you actually forgot them.

#2 Stories of the leader from his teammates.

#3 Kyuhyun’s story of the early days of Super Junior. It’s related to #2.

#4 SuJu always introduce themselves with a slogan but who does best?

#5 The title of the video is obvious so… xD

#6 How the boys would treat their angry girlfriend.

#7 The members playing musical chairs. It’s never too old for anyone!

#8 And after playing musical chair, it’s time to end the game with your own song…maybe? xD

#9 It’s amazing how the members can imitate other famous Korean singers.

#10 One of my favourite live because of Ryeowook’s high pitch voice

Super Junior official Facebook page has uploaded a video and messages from the members. I can’t read Korean so the only message I can understand is this:


Thank you Siwon for making us non-Korean speaking fans understood your English message. Click here to view all the messages handwritten by the Super Junior members!

A fandom item from abroad!

As a w-inds. fan myself, I try my best to support them even though I know after I did, I will be broke. Upon stumbling the news that they will have a 15th anniversary live tour, I just had to buy something!

Look at all the goodies! My wallet cries after buying 1 item but I wished I could buy one more…

From this link where all the concert merchandises and prices were displayed, I thought long and hard as I had to factor in shipping costs and weight of the item. Things aren’t cheap when it involves overseas shipping. Eventually, I decided to purchase a penlight. I liked how all the past logos they had used for their previous concerts are in one penlight and the wordings on the stick that says “w-inds. 15th Anniversary LIVE TOUR 2016 “Forever Memories” “. ‘Forever Memories’ is the title of their 1st single 15 years ago and I do think w-inds. is forever in my memories.

After contacting a kind user on Facebook, she purchased the penlight for me as she attended the final leg of the concert in Tokyo. I’m feeling very jealous. Nevertheless, the item reached me safely, no defects whatsoever. She had to remove the battery at the penlight as batteries are not allowed in parcel post. All I need is to buy my own battery and let the light work its magic.

The penlight cost me $36 altogether ($25 for the item itself, shipping is $11). It is definitely a pricey item but I know I will treasure it. I knew if I were to attend the concert, I would have bought $200 worth of goodies 😛

My precious….