Goodbye, 2016

For the 1st time in many years, I actually wrote down a resolution for 2017. I hope I can achieve 3 out of the 7 I wrote. Initially I came up with only 5 but since 2017 ends with 7, I aimed for 7 resolutions instead.

2016 has been a roller coaster ride. I think it is my ‘adult’ phase life. There is no rule book on how to be an Adult and everything is up to me to decide and figure out. I think a lot of us are unsure of what we should do at this stage of life.

It is so scary, really. I want to treat my life like an RPG game, something I grow up and is familiar with. You know how in every RPG game, you have a mission to complete and destination to go to? I aim my life to be like this. If I set a goal, I will try to go for it without a walk through guide or cheat code.

There is always a lot of worries and I wasn’t sure which path to go to. If I go for this, will I regret? If I didn’t go for that, will I enjoy?  I experienced a short period of slump after graduation, maybe because I was comparing my life with others’ and you see how other people live their life so happily and with so much content. Then again, it is all social media and I don’t know what is going through their life. Everyone has problems and I believe it depends on how one deals with the problem. Social media is just an illusion that everything is mostly fine, when sometimes, it isn’t and I shouldn’t be feeling so bad about myself when other people had accomplished so much.

I already have this idea that for 2017, I won’t be posting so much about myself on social media. I still have this backward idea that people should communicate by phone, or writing letters or visiting each others’ house/room for tea/hangout. I guess I do this to save money when I’m underpaid because of the shitty economy we are in. I am sick and tired of some of the things in life that I wished things are better.

Anyways, thank you 2016 for my graduation, my job, Utada Hikaru’s comeback, new anime to go fangirl about and family and friends. Until then, take care and God bless.


So long

Yesterday, 2 people that I had known unfortunately passed away due to drowning, in an attempt to save a life.

I met one of the victims just last Wednesday and the next thing I knew, he was one of the unfortunate victim.

I definitely felt a temporal loss. Death was so ‘close’ to me. At that point I thought to myself, “Life is too damn precious”.

Rest in Peace, Shawn and Naj.


Every 12th of December is declared as ’12 No Hi’ (Day of Ichi Ni) for fans of the visual-kei group, 12012. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet my favourite band in Japan 2 years ago. The memories I had felt as if it had only happened not too long ago.

Their supposedly last concert was on 12/12/2014 before their hiatus. However, 1 of their earlier concert got cancelled due to typhoon so their final concert was at Osaka on 31/01/2015. Needless to say, I scraped just enough money to travel to Osaka for a 3 days 2 night stay for their last concert. I remembered I paid for the 8 hour bus ride from Tokyo to Osaka as I didn’t have enough money for a bullet train ride ($70 for a return trip with the bus versus $250!) and backpacked my way with only a traveller’s bag, no luggage or handbag. Come to think of it, I loved that experience.

12012 fanmeet hosted by Zeal Link was on 30/11/2014 at their Shibuya branch. It felt surreal being able to see the members upclose & exchanged a few words. The prized possession was the handsigned photocards:

As a fan, I hope I will still be able to support them once they come back from hiatus. Thanks for reading and until then, take care!

2 photobooks, Cure DVD Vol 02 featuring 12012, 2 DVDs, 4 albums, 3 mini-albums, 3 singles, Zeal Link DVD, Jishuuban Club DVD, Gekien no Houkuu alone special edition Miyawaki version.

Food Review: Nasi Katok Popo Butter Milk Cheese Chicken

Nasi Katok has evolved throughout its history in Brunei. The words, ‘nasi’ and ‘katok’ (Standard Malay:’ketuk’) means rice and knock respectively in the Malay language. Nasi katok used to contain only 3 items: Plain rice, chicken and sambal (shrimp paste). Personally, I wouldn’t translate this dish as ‘knocking rice’ but the history goes that when your next door neighbor knock on your door to ask for food, you would give them the 3 items, hence the dish, ‘nasi katok’. For this simple and fulfilling delicacy, you are able to find sellers selling it at $1 a pack, from the night market to your neighbor’s stall.

Presently, with creativity and original recipes, nasi katok now no longer follow the traditional recipes of sambal and chicken, it now comes with different flavours such as butter milk, curry, tahai (fish paste) and condiments (beef, shrimps, fish fillets). I had tried ‘nasi katok sambal prawn’, as well as ‘nasi katok beef’ but I prefer the original nasi katok version.

This food review was done for my curiosity of this new nasi katok place in the neighbourhood. I bought this from the cubeshop Pitstop KB at Wisma Yakin, Pandan 5. I was hungry as I didn’t have time for breakfast so I wanted to have a heavy breakfast. This food was delivered warm still when I bought it.

They also have their address and telephone number on the label for anyone who wishes to contact them.

The first thing I noticed was the chicken:rice ration. For $2 a pack, I supposed that’s a little too tiny. Still, I cannot discount the free sambal sauce, cheese and the microwavable plastic container that comes with it.


When I first tried the butter milk sauce, it was packed with heavy black pepper sauce. The sauce however felt ‘light’ and isn’t too oily to my liking. I didn’t tried the sambal sauce coz I was too lazy to untie the small packet. The chicken slices were small and I think it was a mixed of thigh and breast parts. Then again, I could be wrong. The cheese combination was a bit off to me, but unfortunately, it cannot match the spiciness of the black pepper. I am not a big fan of spicy food, especially black pepper kind of spiciness so I almost couldn’t finish it. However, food is hard to come by and I refuse to waste my money so I tried to finish the whole thing. Thankfully I have water standby to clear off the spiciness from my throat.

Mozzarella cheese? I don’t know.

Will I purchase this again? I’m not sure. I like the lightweight sauce but I don’t like the spiciness that comes with it. If they do a black pepper-less version of it then I probably would. If you happen to be around Kuala Belait, give this food a try. Until then, see you at my next post. Thanks for reading!


I just happened to read a Facebook post about a former member wishing his friend happy birthday. The thing is, his friend had passed away 5 years ago.

His friend is the vocalist of kagrra, Isshi. Former member is Naoki.

Naoki tweeted Isshi happy birthday yesterday and that got me teared up a bit.

More so when I think that it has been 5 years since Isshi’s sudden death. This unfortunate event was my first “scar” in relation to the  visual-kei music industry. I listened to kagrra, throughout my teenage years and I even remembered telling myself that 1 day I will attend their live show one day as they just entered their 10th anniversary. Little did I know the band decided to disband and the main vocalist died few months later.

Because of Isshi’s death, I didn’t listen to any of kagrra, songs since then. It has been 5 years now. I guess when I decided to stop listening to their music, it was because I knew there is no way I can listen to their music live, so instead of giving myself a useless hope that I am able to watch all 5 members on stage, I told myself to pull the brakes and stopped listening to their music completely.

5 years now. I think I can once more release the brakes and listen to their beautiful Japanese songs accompanied by the Koto. I don’t know if I will tear up listening to their music again, but if I do, I know it’s just me reminiscing the past about how much I loved their music. There is no other Japanese bands that can produce an aesthetic Japanese sounds like kagrra, did.

Happy belated birthday, Isshi. Your poetic form of Japanese music was something I had loved and appreciate. Thank you. ありがとう。

This is still my favourite kagrra, picture, their 10th anniversary pose.