Food Review: Vegan Kimchi by Mauzira

I had been watching the Korean TV show ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ online where the MC of the show reveals the refrigerators owned by the guests. One main ingredient that never lacks in Korean households, from my observation, is Kimchi. I’d like to think Kimchi as the national dish of Korea.

The last time I had Korean food was in May 2016 where I had spicy tteobbokki, chapjae and Korean chicken. I remembered how spicy that rice cake was that if I want to have kimchi, it’ll be nice if it isn’t spicy. Since I cannot handle anything too spicy as I mentioned previously in this blog, I need to be careful of the spiciness if I want to eat Kimchi again.

I just happened to view my friend’s IG stories that they were making kimchi. The urge to eat kimchi is there and I asked Mauzira about pricing. I ordered the smallest portion, 250 grams as a trial.



Mauzira’s kimchi is of vegan kimchi and it’s a good alternative to those who have seafood allergies. Usually, a ready made kimchi base from jar has seafood as part of their ingredients list unless it is labeled as seafood-free. Her kimchi is fermented for at least 2 days for the food to release its sour taste. Fermentation is part of the process in making kimchi. (Read here for the explanation as I can’t paraphase well nowadays.)

Cabbage is the main ingredient for this kimchi, along with carrots and sesame seeds. Talk about the richness in vegetables!

I wasn’t expecting the kimchi to be sour and I guess I had forgotten that it is meant to be sour due to the fermentation process. What surprises me is how mild the kimchi spiciness was! It isn’t too overwhelming and suit my taste bud. The spiciness came and go quickly so it doesn’t sting my tongue. This kimchi is more on the sour/sweet savoury taste than the spiciness. There’s no 1 way in eating Kimchi so eating it straight from the container is as good as eating it with plain rice.


If any of you wishes to give this kimchi a try, feel free to send a text to Mauzira at 8 2 9 2 1 9 2. Thanks for reading and take care!


Tester Korea Review

After 2 months of long wait, I had FINALLY received my package from Tester Korea. I was so scared that I won’t be able to receive my precious stuffs.

They’re here!!!

I was searching for the PowerPuff Girls makeup collection and somehow the Internet lead me to Tester Korea. TK is a website that sells Korean makeup and skincare. I never heard of this shopping services so I decided to give it a try.

The inside
Every orders come with free samples. I guess the number of samples you received depends on the number of items you ordered?

The reason I waited for almost 2 months is because I ordered this back at end of November last year. And I should know better than the Year-end is the worst time to have something shipped in because it was the Holidays season so thousands of shipments are moving across the globe. The other reason which I think why my order came late is because I opted for the Standard Shipping (with tracking) and not Express. I was trying to save shipping cost for only 3 items and I guess I took a risk. According to their website, delivery to Region 2 will take between 1 – 4 weeks but may be up to 10 weeks.


I think I am disappointed with the box though. They taped the box with sellotape all over the box to make it more sturdier. It gave me the impression that they just reused old boxes, although it could be a new box that they are using. On my box, I have 2 tracking numbers which seemed odd. My package transited at Hong Kong and another tracking sticker was placed from Hong Kong. I wondered if that is the reason why my package got super delayed.


I bought 3 items as a first trial. The 1st one being MISSHA Soft 5 Layer Cotton Sheet. It was on sale for about $1.50. I preferred 5 layer cotton when removing makeup as it saves my makeup remover. Unfortunately on the left side of the box it was already ‘opened’, as a result of the way the item was placed inside the box. However, nothing has been used.



The other 2 items are eyeshadow palettes and are rather fragile items. I am glad that they used plastic bubble wrap to secure the item.


I ordered the limited edition peripera eyeshadow in collaboration with the PowerPuff girls and Aritaum’s Styling Eye Palette in Number 2. Thankfully no breakages for the 2 eyeshadow pallets.




Last but not least, the samples. I assumed they give out random samples, can’t wait to try them out.


In summation, I would give TK another go with the same shipping method to see if that is the amount of time I have to wait for my items, or maybe with Express shipping. Thank you for reading and take care!