Review: Rock Garden KB

Yesterday I had lunch at Rock Garden because they recently started the lunch buffet for only $5 per person. To me, this is very good value for money, especially for lunch. I know other places around town charges $5.50 or $6 so this is by far the cheapest I had encountered.

For $5, I didn’t expect much to be honest. If a plate of chicken rice is around $4, then I’d assumed $5 means free drinks and some cakes or fruits.  Yesterday, Rock Garden served plain rice, vermicelli (fried mee hoon), curry chicken, sweet and sour fish, bitter gourd (sayur peria) and eggs as meal, followed by 2 kind of cakes and 2 kind of drinks. It isn’t a lot of selection but definitely cheaper than buying ala carte from menus.

The manager came and asked for my opinions on the lunch buffet and I suggested labeling the drink. Yesterday they served blueberry and orange drinks and I took a cup of the blueberry drink, unknowingly for what the flavour was because I assumed it to be sarsi. Then today, my friend had lunch at Rock Garden and she told me all the food and drinks were labelled. I think it’s good that they label the menu so diners know what to expect. There’s nothing wrong in not labeling either.

Will I have my lunch at Rock Garden again? Why not. Simple dishes for only $5 is affordable to many people.


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