Food Review: Fried prawn wantan from MJ Fried Wantan, KB

I love wantan but a fried wantan is different from what I normally would eat. Wantan are best eaten with soup but it couldn’t hurt trying something different, I guess.

Of the many stalls at KB old market, I think there is only one stall selling fried wantan. I had forgotten the flavours but the prawn ones are what I was interested at.

I wasn’t expecting much from this. I would have assumed they used ‘udang kering’ \ but when you can see actual prawn meat, that $1 is a great deal.

Feel free to visit their IG page here to place your orders!

I craved for french fries and I am kind of picky when it comes to the fries. I liked the crinkle fries ones and I bought this for $1. Portion size is too tiny.haha.

From the same seller who sold me the fries, this was placed nearby. Price hikes happen every year and let’s hope we can still enjoy affordable food.

Translation:  From 14th April 2017 onwards, the price of lamb chop and chicken chop will increase by only 20 cents as price of ingredients had increased. Guys, inflation is real!

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