Goodbye Chester. RIP.

Waking up to a news that the main vocalist of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, had committed suicide was just surreal. The band is in the middle of their ‘One More Light’ tour and we’d think all is well.

Sadly, Chester had passed away at a young age of 41. His death is on 20th July, the birth date of Chris Cornell.

When Chester’s friend Chris Cornell had committed suicide in May, he dedicated the song ‘One More Light’ in honour of Chris.

And I would like to think of Chester when I hear this song.

Rest in Peace, Chester.


The Evolution of Blogging

The act of blogging has taken a change in discourse for as long as the Internet exists. It still remains 1 of the ways to deliver information to the general public who reads and consume information online. As I was modifying this blog and changed the ‘About Me‘ section, I was reminded of my old blogs on other hosting websites such as Blogspot and LiveJournal. If I recall correctly, Blogspot is perhaps the starter domain for people who are new to blogging. LiveJournal would be more on the content sharing site.

I used to think that people who write online on personal blogs are called ‘bloggers’ and the act of writing is called ‘blogging’. When the Internet took off in late 90s early 2000s, writing online is appealing that it shifts away from the traditional media (newspapers and magazines). This was the Modem era where using the Internet means no one can use the house phone as it is connected to the land line. Loading an image takes minutes and videos aren’t popular just yet. These are all before YouTube as YouTube was founded in 2006.

So how did people share information before YouTube? It does sound impossible now, isn’t it? My old blogs reveal to me that the difference between now and then is that the speed of information in which they travel. Getting information from blogs or websites means one would have to read the entire article written by the writer. On video sharing websites, however, one needs to search for what they are interested in, click the video and watch the information formed onto words and visuals. It does sound like a chore reading an article about something when the same information can be compressed onto a video but hey, we’re talking about pre-YouTube here 😛

But of course, I think that when YouTube becomes more relevant and engaging, the art of blogging transcends to many different methods. People don’t write to spread information but rather, create the content in video forms. Video sharing websites make information more exciting where it has visuals and motions. Blogging for the sake of blogging isn’t as popular as it was.

How does blogging fits in today’s complicated and intricate world of social media? If you happen to follow online personalities on your social media accounts, chances are they may start out as a blogger, and slowly becomes a person with an online presence in the things they enjoy doing and perhaps known for. Now, you have your food bloggers, beauty bloggers, YouTubers, the list is endless. 1 thing in common between these ‘new media professions’ (at least that’s what I like to call them) is that they are all sharing information within a specific subject and/or interest through the Internet and social media apps. Food bloggers are more likely to talk about food and eatery places. Beauty bloggers may discuss the beauty trends and provide review on the new makeup collections. Yotubers in general showcase their interest in videos on Youtube.

But does that mean blogging is ‘dead? I refuse to think so because there are plenty of blogs out there that spread information without having any YouTube account. There are also YouTubers who have blogs as a means to explain more in depth in writing. I don’t think writing will become obsolete in the near future because having things written down is an evidence that it had happened. Videos may be entertaining to watch but I’d like to think that reading can be as entertaining as well 🙂


After 2 months hiatus, I’m back.

It’s a little over 2 months since my last blog post. There are reasons for this.

When I broke the story on donUT scarves’ story on stealing designs, I have doubts if I’ll ever be contacted by the company, etc. Fortunately, until today, no actions were taken towards me. But was this the reason I didn’t blog? Of course not! 😛

Lack of inspiration was one thing. I think we do have at some point of our lives just didn’t wanna do anything. And then comes the fasting month where things just slow down.

I had a chat with a friend of mine who works in the media industry. We pondered upon reasons why we started these kind of medium: What was the purpose? Do we do it for information? For fame? For self satisfaction? As a hobby? The list goes on.

It made me think too about this blog and all the other blogs that I had throughout the 10 years of blogging.

I can say that this blog will be a semi-personal blog where my opinions are posted. But at the same token, I’d like to share useful tips and tricks on the things that I find interesting.