The Body Shop haul: Singapore Edition

I have supported The Body Shop (TBS) brand for as long as I can remembered. Their 1st item that I love, and continue to purchase periodically, is their Tea Tree Oil. It works on my pimple and sometimes on cyst by reducing the pimple to a tiny dot (I don’t advise you to pop your pimples though!). From this item on, I continue to support their products, particularly their skin care range as TBS is animal cruelty-free and a relatively affordable organic brand here in Brunei. Plus, a number of their items smell so good in my opinion if you are into scent.

So when the month of June is known as the ‘Great Singapore Sales’ in Singapore, I didn’t expect to find myself the massive sale that TBS offered. I mean, just look at these:


It’s like ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free!’ to me. I can never run out of tea tree oil so I purchased a set. Thinking back, I wished I purchased another set. Their Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is 1 of the newer item I picked up recently and I loved how soft my hair was after 1 usage. I remembered a few of the selected skin care items was $16 an item and the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser was among the selected items. If I am not mistaken, they also have a 20% sale for all the other items so I bought their Tea-Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask and Shea Body Mist (Why was it discontinued in Brunei?)

Was this a good haul? Most certainly 😛 It felt great once in a while to splurge on items that I know truly works for my skin and won’t clutter my bathroom because they’ll be used up, and buying them on a discount,most definitely a few dollars worth of savings.


Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio in Sweet

I went to Singapore in June and 1 of the must-have places to stop by for makeup junkies is Sephora. Sephora sells a lot of brands for both beauty and skincare purposes.

Ever since I told myself to become a minimalist, I tend to look at makeup items more of a clutter, and only but if I really need it. I would think that I was a makeup junkie myself few years back. Now, I visit Sephora just to look at all the pretty items they have. Makeup window shopping isn’t guilty, is it?

I did have 1 item in mind when I entered Sephora, and that was to buy a brow product from benefit. And then I bought a couple of skincare items as souvenirs. The total bill came to SGD $105. The cashier gave me a free gift, which is the Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio from the Sephora Collection. I was excited for it, partly because I was given a free item that looks expensive and also, I didn’t bring any makeup with me so this 3-in-1 item is so useful.

From Sephora Singapore website, it actually cost SGD 32 and comes in 4 shades, ‘sweet’, ‘sassy’, ‘sultry’ and ‘sophisticated’. Mine was in the shade ‘sweet’, which compliments my skin tone well. I’d think ‘sassy’ may not be my liking because of the bright pink blush colour and ‘sultry’ and ‘sophisticated’ is too dark for my skin tone. Allow me to copy from the website what this product claims to be:

This three-in-one formula effortlessly enhances skintone and give a flawless, no-makeup look and feel. Use all three for seamless, natural-looking radiance.

Ultra-light, micronized pigments
Luminizer for highlighting cheekbones
Matte-satin blush to make cheeks pop
Matte-satin bronzer to contour and define
Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates

I don’t normally use bronzer for my makeup (because I didn’t know how to) so that got the less use compared to the blusher and highlighter. I must say, the highlighter is perfect. It has that subtle radiance when applied on the face but not too overpowering.  Likewise for the blusher, it gives enough colour to make my cheeks has that hint of pinky shade. Of course you can slowly build up the colour to amp up your look. I prefer to have subtle makeup on my skin so less is more for me and this product does justice.

If I didn’t have this item given to me for free, will I fork out my money to get this now that I know what it does? To be honest, maybe not, simply because I have individual blushes and highlighters that works on my skin. But if you are just starting out makeup and needs something in a 3-in-1 compact, this item may be good as starters.


Haul: The Body Shop

The Body Shop haul
Mini haul from TBS!

The other week I headed to The Body Shop (TBS) to purchase 1 of my favourite skin care item, the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. I had decided to switch to foam cleanser now because it is softer on the skin. It doesn’t help that when I went into the store, there was a 20% sale on all items for members so I picked up a few items to try (Prices in brackets are in original price):

  1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser ($22.90) – I had this few years ago and had started to use it recently because I don’t want to waste the product. This foam cleanser is suitable for acne skin as foam doesn’t aggravate your skin on the surface as you cleanse. I like the after smell of tea tree oil.
  2. White Musk Eau De Toilette ($56.90) – I would not purchase this perfume if I didn’t have a 50% voucher on me. I had liked white musk for a long time but just couldn’t afford to buy it at a higher price.
  3. British Rose Soap ($11.90) – When the British Rose series was launched, I was tempted to get at least 1 of the items and only now I got this.
  4. Grape seed Gloss Serum ($26.90) – I tried the tester and I LOVE the smell! I have frizzy hair so I’m hoping this serum will make a difference to my hair once I start using it.
  5. Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask 8ml ($4.90) – I just bought it because I had always wanted to try the Vitamin E series.
  6. Skin Clearing Toner 60ml ($8.90) – I received this for free because I had bought over $79. Yikes. I picked this toner out of the body wash because toner is more beneficial for me as I use them often for my skin care routine.

And that’s all for this time’s haul. Until next time, take care!

$30+ worth of Silkygirl products


The other day I entered a lucky draw competition organized by Guardian Brunei for a prize of $30 worth of Silkygirl product. I am thankful that I had won free items. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff?

The items I received are as follow:

  1. Colors Radiant 50ml Eau de Toilette
  2. Perfect Stay Eye Primer + Shadow in 04 Stylish
  3. Long-Wearing Eyeliner in 01 Black Black
  4. Moisture Rich Lipstick in 30 Posh
  5. Sweetheart Deodorant spray
  6. Magic BB Powder Foundation in 03 Medium
  7. Pouch

Once again, thank you to Guardian Brunei for hosting lucky draws. Check out their Facebook Page, as well as their Instagram for future raffles. Thanks for reading!