Food review: Fried prawn wantan from MJ Fried Wantan, KB

I love wantan but a fried wantan is different from what I normally would eat. Wantan are best eaten with soup but it couldn’t hurt trying something different, I guess.

Of the many stalls at KB old market, I think there is only one stall selling fried wantan. I had forgotten the flavours but the prawn ones are what I was interested at.

I wasn’t expecting much from this. I would have assumed they used ‘udang kering’ \ but when you can see actual prawn meat, that $1 is a great deal.

Feel free to visit their IG page here to place your orders!

I craved for french fries and I am kind of picky when it comes to the fries. I liked the crinkle fries ones and I bought this for $1. Portion size is too tiny.haha.

From the same seller who sold me the fries, this was placed nearby. Price hikes happen every year and let’s hope we can still enjoy affordable food.

Translation:  From 14th April 2017 onwards, the price of lamb chop and chicken chop will increase by only 20 cents as price of ingredients had increased. Guys, inflation is real!

Review: Rock Garden KB

Yesterday I had lunch at Rock Garden because they recently started the lunch buffet for only $5 per person. To me, this is very good value for money, especially for lunch. I know other places around town charges $5.50 or $6 so this is by far the cheapest I had encountered.

For $5, I didn’t expect much to be honest. If a plate of chicken rice is around $4, then I’d assumed $5 means free drinks and some cakes or fruits.  Yesterday, Rock Garden served plain rice, vermicelli (fried mee hoon), curry chicken, sweet and sour fish, bitter gourd (sayur peria) and eggs as meal, followed by 2 kind of cakes and 2 kind of drinks. It isn’t a lot of selection but definitely cheaper than buying ala carte from menus.

The manager came and asked for my opinions on the lunch buffet and I suggested labeling the drink. Yesterday they served blueberry and orange drinks and I took a cup of the blueberry drink, unknowingly for what the flavour was because I assumed it to be sarsi. Then today, my friend had lunch at Rock Garden and she told me all the food and drinks were labelled. I think it’s good that they label the menu so diners know what to expect. There’s nothing wrong in not labeling either.

Will I have my lunch at Rock Garden again? Why not. Simple dishes for only $5 is affordable to many people.

I think this is $2 worth my money

It is a bad habit of mine recently that I crave for fatty food when I want a quick fix of satisfaction. I was glad that Ayamku sell this menu called ‘Chix cute’ (no spelling error) for $2. It consists of average 10-14 pieces of chicken breast cuts in small pieces. Think of it like the Japanese kara-age menu, only cheaper.

Comparing this to Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, which is $3.70 ($3 without the drink) and consist of rice, gravy & a piece of chicken with a drink, I think ‘chix cute’ is still worth the money, even after you asked for 50cents rice from Ayamku, which totaled to $2.50.

Review: Gerai Makan Soto Hj Tuah Tutong

After a day out yesterday, my mom bought me to eat at this famous eatery place. It was located at Tutong new market.

Gerai Makan Soto Hj Tuah Tutong, as the name implied, is a place known for their soto. They have been operated since 1964. According to my mom, they used to sell their soto at Seria before relocated to Tutong.

Photo 4-9-17, 12 57 07 PM
Their soto menu dominates most of the page.

I don’t feel like having soto in a middle of a hot day so I opted for a plate of fried noodles. I ordered the mee goreng kosong and air pisang cincau. I haven’t drink air pisang in years! It made me miss my ugama school years a bit.

Photo 4-9-17, 12 57 49 PM

Photo 4-9-17, 12 59 49 PM

Photo 4-9-17, 1 07 45 PM

Photo 4-9-17, 1 16 08 PM

This fried noodle was only $1.50. For fried noodle chicken, it’s $2 and fried noodle beef at $2.50. Every fried noodle comes with a bowl of soup. The mee kuning they used wasn’t cooked enough so when I ate it, it felt a bit ‘hard’ but portion wise, it’s a lot so definitely worth the money. I mean, you can buy $1 or $1.20 from the cubestores for like a quarter of what this place serves so it’s definitely worth my money to eat here. I want to come back to this place again to try their other food.

Review: Beesket Brunei

I was lucky enough to score a $5 voucher from Beesket today when I answered correctly 3 questions from Shakespeare Day at KB Sentral.

Beesket Brunei Review 1

I was enlightened as I have never tried their drinks before. There were a variety of combinations to choose from, for some fruits or vegetables require an additional 50cents as they are expensive. I don’t exactly remember which ones but I know kale, avocado, mango and strawberry were among the ‘add on 50cents’ options.

The price of a Beesket drink starts from $4.90 and because my voucher is $5, I need to have at least a fruit or vegetable that requires additional 50 cents. I felt like trying kale and the cashier recommended a combination of kale, pineapple and mango.

Beesket Brunei Review 2
Under neath this is an auto-censor magnet so the moment you placed your options, the screen (picture below) will tell you the price of your drink immediately.
Beesket Brunei Review 3
Only 146 calories!
Beesket Brunei Review 4
It kinda felt good when I only paid 90 cents for my drink with my voucher. #poorworkingadult
Beesket Brunei Review 5
A copy-writing suggestion: Maybe have the ‘No Sugar, No Powder, No Additives’ tagline in white?
Beesket Brunei Review 6
A lot of discounts!

To be honest, I never ate kale so I wasn’t sure how it tasted like. But I won’t deny that this drink is punched with vitamins. I also like how you’ll get a card and a stamp for every drink you purchased. I might stop by again to use the discount coupon.

Beesket Brunei Review 7
My kale-pineapple-mango drink.

Food Review: Vegan Kimchi by Mauzira

I had been watching the Korean TV show ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ online where the MC of the show reveals the refrigerators owned by the guests. One main ingredient that never lacks in Korean households, from my observation, is Kimchi. I’d like to think Kimchi as the national dish of Korea.

The last time I had Korean food was in May 2016 where I had spicy tteobbokki, chapjae and Korean chicken. I remembered how spicy that rice cake was that if I want to have kimchi, it’ll be nice if it isn’t spicy. Since I cannot handle anything too spicy as I mentioned previously in this blog, I need to be careful of the spiciness if I want to eat Kimchi again.

I just happened to view my friend’s IG stories that they were making kimchi. The urge to eat kimchi is there and I asked Mauzira about pricing. I ordered the smallest portion, 250 grams as a trial.



Mauzira’s kimchi is of vegan kimchi and it’s a good alternative to those who have seafood allergies. Usually, a ready made kimchi base from jar has seafood as part of their ingredients list unless it is labeled as seafood-free. Her kimchi is fermented for at least 2 days for the food to release its sour taste. Fermentation is part of the process in making kimchi. (Read here for the explanation as I can’t paraphase well nowadays.)

Cabbage is the main ingredient for this kimchi, along with carrots and sesame seeds. Talk about the richness in vegetables!

I wasn’t expecting the kimchi to be sour and I guess I had forgotten that it is meant to be sour due to the fermentation process. What surprises me is how mild the kimchi spiciness was! It isn’t too overwhelming and suit my taste bud. The spiciness came and go quickly so it doesn’t sting my tongue. This kimchi is more on the sour/sweet savoury taste than the spiciness. There’s no 1 way in eating Kimchi so eating it straight from the container is as good as eating it with plain rice.


If any of you wishes to give this kimchi a try, feel free to send a text to Mauzira at 8 2 9 2 1 9 2. Thanks for reading and take care!

Review: Nasi Katok Popo Butter Milk Cheese Chicken

Nasi Katok has evolved throughout its history in Brunei. The words, ‘nasi’ and ‘katok’ (Standard Malay:’ketuk’) means rice and knock respectively in the Malay language. Nasi katok used to contain only 3 items: Plain rice, chicken and sambal (shrimp paste). Personally, I wouldn’t translate this dish as ‘knocking rice’ but the history goes that when your next door neighbor knock on your door to ask for food, you would give them the 3 items, hence the dish, ‘nasi katok’. For this simple and fulfilling delicacy, you are able to find sellers selling it at $1 a pack, from the night market to your neighbor’s stall.

Presently, with creativity and original recipes, nasi katok now no longer follow the traditional recipes of sambal and chicken, it now comes with different flavours such as butter milk, curry, tahai (fish paste) and condiments (beef, shrimps, fish fillets). I had tried ‘nasi katok sambal prawn’, as well as ‘nasi katok beef’ but I prefer the original nasi katok version.

This food review was done for my curiosity of this new nasi katok place in the neighbourhood. I bought this from the cubeshop Pitstop KB at Wisma Yakin, Pandan 5. I was hungry as I didn’t have time for breakfast so I wanted to have a heavy breakfast. This food was delivered warm still when I bought it.

They also have their address and telephone number on the label for anyone who wishes to contact them.

The first thing I noticed was the chicken:rice ration. For $2 a pack, I supposed that’s a little too tiny. Still, I cannot discount the free sambal sauce, cheese and the microwavable plastic container that comes with it.


When I first tried the butter milk sauce, it was packed with heavy black pepper sauce. The sauce however felt ‘light’ and isn’t too oily to my liking. I didn’t tried the sambal sauce coz I was too lazy to untie the small packet. The chicken slices were small and I think it was a mixed of thigh and breast parts. Then again, I could be wrong. The cheese combination was a bit off to me, but unfortunately, it cannot match the spiciness of the black pepper. I am not a big fan of spicy food, especially black pepper kind of spiciness so I almost couldn’t finish it. However, food is hard to come by and I refuse to waste my money so I tried to finish the whole thing. Thankfully I have water standby to clear off the spiciness from my throat.

Mozzarella cheese? I don’t know.

Will I purchase this again? I’m not sure. I like the lightweight sauce but I don’t like the spiciness that comes with it. If they do a black pepper-less version of it then I probably would. If you happen to be around Kuala Belait, give this food a try. Until then, see you at my next post. Thanks for reading!

Review: Kaizen Sushi, Waterfront

Japanese food is common in Brunei. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants here and the price ranges from affordable to expensive. 1 of the best establishment to have Japanese food is to dine in at Kaizen Sushi. The appeal of this restaurant is the quality of food they served.

3 weeks ago, a friend and I decided to head over to the Waterfront branch. Thankfully, I remembered to make a reservation prior having our dinner as that day was payday. When it is payday, it is best to make a reservation to secure your seat. The thing I like about dining at the Waterfront is the night view of the Kampong Ayer (Water Village). Here’s what we ordered:

There’s gyoza, iwashi (mackerel), Kaizen roll, spider something roll and 1 more that I had forgotten the name. Spicy roll maybe.

It was quite a lot for 2 and we almost couldn’t finish it. The total bill came to about $40.

If you have the opportunity to try Japanese food from Kaizen, I’d recommend their Okonomiyaki and Squid Fried Rice. These 2 are my personal favourites!

Review: Pondok Sari Wangi @ Serusop

I heard of this place as a place to eat Indonesian food. My perception of Indonesian food consists of ayam penyet and bakso. Their cuisine isn’t far off from a Malay cuisine, of course with Indonesian’s own twist.

I headed to Pondok Sari Wangi over at Kiulap for my dinner. I craved for Ayam Penyet with some sort of soup and vegetable. It wasn’t hard to decide which vegetable I wanted because I know it’s made from potato leaves (daun ubi). I ordered Es Kacang Merah (Ice Red bean) for my drink.


The Ice Kacang Merah!

I was surprised at how much coconut milk this drink had! I could feel taste the richness of the coconut while sipping onto the drink. It is also very sweet, partly from the red bean and maybe sugar itself.

Gulai Daun Sing Kong

This is the Gulai Daun Sing Kong (Potato leaves in curry seasoning). I initially though they wouldn’t serve me soup (only to have found out they do) so I ordered this for my rice. This dish is also filled with coconut milk creaminess and slight spicy.

Nasi Ayam Kremes

Last but not least, the main course, Nasi Ayam Kremes (Fried chicken with crunchy flakes). Evidently at the chicken is the flakes. I think portion wise for the price of $4.50, it is alright. I didn’t bother trying the sambal because I know it is too spicy. It is served with white rice, cucumber slices, raw long beans and cabbage slices, sambal and chicken thigh part.

My heavy dinner: $2 drink, $2 vegetable soup and $4.50 main course, which brings a total of $8.50

Pondok Sari Wangi actually serves free water and soup. If only I had asked, I would’ve saved $4. The pricing for their menu dishes, especially rice sets, are of $5 range so I think it is affordable. The staff are friendly too. Maybe next time I will try their ayam penyet without ordering any drinks.

Review: The Krema @ Kiulap

The other night my friend wanted to go to Krema at Kiulap. Since I had never been there, my friend showed me the way. It is located at the same block with CA Mohamed.

At first glance the food are pricey. I decided to order French Fries ($3) & my friend ordered the Calamari ($5.50). I had Ice peach tea ($2.80 I think) to go with the food.

Little did I know the food portion came out surprisingly big. This is my personal favourite but I like how their French Fries are the crinkle fries type. Calamari was served generously, probably about 15 rings or more, heavily coated with herbs and black pepper, albeit black pepper is a little overpowering but still bearable. I also like the cup shape of my ice peach tea.

The ambience of the cafe was pretty chill. There is this chill corner at the end of the cafe (where I mistaken as the resting place for the staff) and the staff are friendly. Overall I would visit this cafe again and perhaps chill on the floor enjoying my crinkle fries.