D-I-Y Pizza; It only cost me 86 cents.

Occasionally I would stop by Supa Save just to buy their freshly baked wholemeal bread ($2.10 for a loaf). I know, it is kind of a waste of my car mileage and fuel so I try to look for other discounted stuff along the way so that it is somewhat worth my trip.

I saw this mini pizza wholemeal base for 75cents. It was sold as a pack of 2 pieces. Immediately I knew I could make a pizza out of this as I have the ingredients at home.

Photo 4-9-17, 5 38 59 PM

To make this simple pizza, you’ll need 3 ingredients: beef patty, a slice of cheese and tomato/chilli sauce. You could use any kind of meat such as slicing a sausage or a chicken breast into pieces. If you love cheese, feel free to add more slices of cheese or using mozzarella or parmesan cheese. The reason I used sliced cheese is because it is cheaper, and also, I have it in my refrigerator.

Photo 4-9-17, 5 40 34 PM
If you do takeouts, you’ll get these tiny pack of sauces. Free!

Photo 4-9-17, 5 46 58 PM

Firstly, fry your meat ingredient. Make sure it is fully cooked. Set aside.

Photo 4-9-17, 5 51 56 PM

Coat a little bit of oil on 1 side of the pizza base. Then, fry the oil less base for a minute or 2 under lowest heat.

Once flipped, turn your heat to the medium setting. Spread your sauce all over the base, placing your cooked meat and your cheese on top. Cover your pan for another minute or 2. This will allow your cheese to melt.

After 2 minutes, you could peek to see if your cheese had melted. Switch off your stove and let it rest for another minute.

Photo 4-9-17, 5 54 23 PM


Photo 4-9-17, 5 59 55 PM

Unfortunately, I over coated my pizza base and over cooked it. Therefore, I ended up having a burnt bottom crust. I guess there’s always a first in everything!

Photo 4-9-17, 6 00 04 PM

Cost breakdown:

  1. 2 pizza base – 75 cents (40 cents each)
  2. A pack of 12 pieces slice cheese – $2.50 (21 cents for each slice)
  3. Beef patty – Unknown. The one I had is a pack of 20 patties so I’ll just estimate it to be $5 for a pack. (25 cents for a patty).
  4. Sauce – FREE! But for a teaspoon of tomato sauce from a Maggi bottle ($1.20), that’s probably less than 1 cent.

Total cost: 86 cents for a small personal size pizza.