Neopets Talk: ‘Better Than You’ challenge

I have always wanted to participate in a ‘Better Than You’ challenge but it seemed out of reach because for the many games around, I’m not a good gamer. It’s supposedly a kid’s game but some games are just very difficult.

This week’s challenge however had me tried countless times. I guess I want a nice trophy appearing on my User Lookup so I gave it a go. It took me around an hour or so to reach the goal. The challenge was to score more than 750 points.

I was super happy when I finally got it and maybe I’ll participate again.

Better Than You 1

Better Than You 2


Neopets Talk: My Altador Cup XI loot

I played AC11 intensely that I managed to score 10,039 prize points. I thought I used up all the prize points last year but it was the Staff Tournament prize points that I used up. So today, I managed to ‘buy’ items that’s worth millions!

To be honest, I only wanted the ‘Shenkuu Altador Cup Armour’ and the rest are most likely up for trades. I bought the Tyrannia, Haunted Woods and Kiko Lake cup armours to match with their jersey. The stamp is the most worth item I think.
Neopets Altador Cup XI Loot