Review: Osrah Optima Steamer Car Detailing, Mumong

Whenever my brother asked me when will I go wash my car, I always procrastinate. Maybe because I am not a car enthusiast and I couldn’t care less about the appearance, more so when it is in dark green paint. The dirt won’t be as visible as in white paint cars so I didn’t bother to wash my car all the time. Today happened to be my free day and I decided to give my car a wash.

I don’t know many car wash places and I just happened to remember there’s one by the roadside near the round-a-bout. If you are coming from Seria, use the ‘old’ road to KB Town, not the Muara-KB highway or Jalan Maulana. It’ll be the 1st round-a-bout.  I’m biased but it helps that they have a large green banner (my favourite colour is green) so I remembered easily there is a car washing service there.

Photo 4-15-17, 10 23 21 AM

So I drove my car in to Osrah Optima Steamer Car Detailing. I was lucky that I didn’t wait too long to have my car washed. I would have thought it to be just an ordinary car wash with water but what I didn’t know is that this car wash operates on a steam jet machine where high pressure steam is applied to wash your car, effectively removing stubborn dirt. It was only after I observed 2 other cars that were in the process of getting their car washed that I realised, this has to be the place to remove those cat poop that was on my car for months (Okay, this is embarrassing!)

Photo 4-15-17, 10 19 24 AM
What a sunny Saturdate with my car

I mean, just take a look at that ugly spot. I have no idea how it didn’t prompt me to go wash my car. I guess when you see this everyday, you kind of get used to the dirtiness and it didn’t bother me that much as time goes on.

Photo 4-15-17, 10 22 36 AM

And… it disappeared! Ta-dah~

Photo 4-15-17, 10 31 55 AM

I only asked to wash the exterior, which cost me $6. I couldn’t understand in the beginning when the worker asked me ‘luar sama dalam saja?’ (inside and outside only?) and I assumed it to be more than $10. According to the price list below, it’s $10 for both inside and outside wash. -face palm- My English fails me this time round.

Photo 4-15-17, 10 15 25 AM
Price range and packages

I tried to remembered the last time I send my car for a car wash and I found this receipt dated 15/5/2016. So that means, it’s exactly 11 months since my last car wash. No wonder I almost couldn’t remembered as it happened so long time ago!

Photo 4-15-17, 12 19 18 PM

So yep, am I satisfied with their services? For someone who hasn’t make the effort to wash her car for almost a year and comes out with a super clean car, I’m super impressed. I can’t see any dirt on the car and ordinary car wash wouldn’t be able to remove those stubborn stain so this car wash service receives A+ for my grading. Stop by their Instagram page or FaceBook page to contact them.

Thanks for reading! Now I hope my neighbours’ cats won’t be sh*tting on my car! haha.