A review on the Detective Conan Schedule Book 2018

We are less than 3 months away to 2018! How time flies eh?

I was searching for a 2018 planner online until I stumbled upon Detective Conan schedule book at HLJ. In Japan, a planner is more commonly known as a ‘schedule book’. I wasn’t the biggest Detective Conan fan but I want to get a fancy planner that is anime themed so I got this planner myself.

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 1
I wrapped mine with a books plastic cover

It’s not a very big planner, measuring at a B6 size (H 186 × W 1134 × D 5 mm) at a total of 80 pages. Yes, it is a very lightweight planner and I think it’ll be easier to carry around. The downside is the cover material. I’m not sure what’s the right word but it will leave oil stains if your hands isn’t sanitized or washed before touching it. The first few pages looks like this:

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 2

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 3

Can I just say how tiny those boxes for ‘yearly schedule’ pages were? I don’t think I could write anything inside the box, so it’s better for it to be reserved for symbols or birthdates instead. The boxes at the monthly pages at least gives me some space to be able to jolt 1 or 2 things down.

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 4

After December 2018 monthly page, then it’s the free writing memo pages. I like the different designs of the memo pages (blank, lined, etc) so it makes writing notes more interesting I guess. The ‘Address’ page is redundant for me, like all other planners I had before but who knows, I may be able to write something next year? The last page is ‘Personal Memo’ or I call it, personal biodata page.

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 5

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 6

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 7

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 8

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 9

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 10

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 11.

Detective Conan 2018 Schedule Book 12

Overall, it is an okay planner. I mean, if you are a big fan of the Detective Conan series, you may want to get this before 2017 ends. For casual fans like me, you can either choose to have it or skip it. As I mentioned earlier, I just want an anime-themed planner and this so happens to be the one available from HLJ.

Detective Conan Schedule Book 2018 was released in September 2017. Get your’s from HLJ, amiami, YesAsia, or from 1999.

Thanks for reading, and take care!


Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio in Sweet

I went to Singapore in June and 1 of the must-have places to stop by for makeup junkies is Sephora. Sephora sells a lot of brands for both beauty and skincare purposes.

Ever since I told myself to become a minimalist, I tend to look at makeup items more of a clutter, and only but if I really need it. I would think that I was a makeup junkie myself few years back. Now, I visit Sephora just to look at all the pretty items they have. Makeup window shopping isn’t guilty, is it?

I did have 1 item in mind when I entered Sephora, and that was to buy a brow product from benefit. And then I bought a couple of skincare items as souvenirs. The total bill came to SGD $105. The cashier gave me a free gift, which is the Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio from the Sephora Collection. I was excited for it, partly because I was given a free item that looks expensive and also, I didn’t bring any makeup with me so this 3-in-1 item is so useful.

From Sephora Singapore website, it actually cost SGD 32 and comes in 4 shades, ‘sweet’, ‘sassy’, ‘sultry’ and ‘sophisticated’. Mine was in the shade ‘sweet’, which compliments my skin tone well. I’d think ‘sassy’ may not be my liking because of the bright pink blush colour and ‘sultry’ and ‘sophisticated’ is too dark for my skin tone. Allow me to copy from the website what this product claims to be:

This three-in-one formula effortlessly enhances skintone and give a flawless, no-makeup look and feel. Use all three for seamless, natural-looking radiance.

Ultra-light, micronized pigments
Luminizer for highlighting cheekbones
Matte-satin blush to make cheeks pop
Matte-satin bronzer to contour and define
Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates

I don’t normally use bronzer for my makeup (because I didn’t know how to) so that got the less use compared to the blusher and highlighter. I must say, the highlighter is perfect. It has that subtle radiance when applied on the face but not too overpowering.  Likewise for the blusher, it gives enough colour to make my cheeks has that hint of pinky shade. Of course you can slowly build up the colour to amp up your look. I prefer to have subtle makeup on my skin so less is more for me and this product does justice.

If I didn’t have this item given to me for free, will I fork out my money to get this now that I know what it does? To be honest, maybe not, simply because I have individual blushes and highlighters that works on my skin. But if you are just starting out makeup and needs something in a 3-in-1 compact, this item may be good as starters.


Review: Osrah Optima Steamer Car Detailing, Mumong

Whenever my brother asked me when will I go wash my car, I always procrastinate. Maybe because I am not a car enthusiast and I couldn’t care less about the appearance, more so when it is in dark green paint. The dirt won’t be as visible as in white paint cars so I didn’t bother to wash my car all the time. Today happened to be my free day and I decided to give my car a wash.

I don’t know many car wash places and I just happened to remember there’s one by the roadside near the round-a-bout. If you are coming from Seria, use the ‘old’ road to KB Town, not the Muara-KB highway or Jalan Maulana. It’ll be the 1st round-a-bout.  I’m biased but it helps that they have a large green banner (my favourite colour is green) so I remembered easily there is a car washing service there.

Photo 4-15-17, 10 23 21 AM

So I drove my car in to Osrah Optima Steamer Car Detailing. I was lucky that I didn’t wait too long to have my car washed. I would have thought it to be just an ordinary car wash with water but what I didn’t know is that this car wash operates on a steam jet machine where high pressure steam is applied to wash your car, effectively removing stubborn dirt. It was only after I observed 2 other cars that were in the process of getting their car washed that I realised, this has to be the place to remove those cat poop that was on my car for months (Okay, this is embarrassing!)

Photo 4-15-17, 10 19 24 AM
What a sunny Saturdate with my car

I mean, just take a look at that ugly spot. I have no idea how it didn’t prompt me to go wash my car. I guess when you see this everyday, you kind of get used to the dirtiness and it didn’t bother me that much as time goes on.

Photo 4-15-17, 10 22 36 AM

And… it disappeared! Ta-dah~

Photo 4-15-17, 10 31 55 AM

I only asked to wash the exterior, which cost me $6. I couldn’t understand in the beginning when the worker asked me ‘luar sama dalam saja?’ (inside and outside only?) and I assumed it to be more than $10. According to the price list below, it’s $10 for both inside and outside wash. -face palm- My English fails me this time round.

Photo 4-15-17, 10 15 25 AM
Price range and packages

I tried to remembered the last time I send my car for a car wash and I found this receipt dated 15/5/2016. So that means, it’s exactly 11 months since my last car wash. No wonder I almost couldn’t remembered as it happened so long time ago!

Photo 4-15-17, 12 19 18 PM

So yep, am I satisfied with their services? For someone who hasn’t make the effort to wash her car for almost a year and comes out with a super clean car, I’m super impressed. I can’t see any dirt on the car and ordinary car wash wouldn’t be able to remove those stubborn stain so this car wash service receives A+ for my grading. Stop by their Instagram page or FaceBook page to contact them.

Thanks for reading! Now I hope my neighbours’ cats won’t be sh*tting on my car! haha.