Who let the rooster out?

The title is referencing to this song.

I apologized for the unclear image but this was the 1st thing I saw yesterday morning before I head to work.

This is my first time seeing a rooster for almost 2 decade of living in my neighbourhood.

Unfortunately I do not know the fate of the rooster. I didn’t spot him after lunch.


Goodbye, 2016

For the 1st time in many years, I actually wrote down a resolution for 2017. I hope I can achieve 3 out of the 7 I wrote. Initially I came up with only 5 but since 2017 ends with 7, I aimed for 7 resolutions instead.

2016 has been a roller coaster ride. I think it is my ‘adult’ phase life. There is no rule book on how to be an Adult and everything is up to me to decide and figure out. I think a lot of us are unsure of what we should do at this stage of life.

It is so scary, really. I want to treat my life like an RPG game, something I grow up and is familiar with. You know how in every RPG game, you have a mission to complete and destination to go to? I aim my life to be like this. If I set a goal, I will try to go for it without a walk through guide or cheat code.

There is always a lot of worries and I wasn’t sure which path to go to. If I go for this, will I regret? If I didn’t go for that, will I enjoy?  I experienced a short period of slump after graduation, maybe because I was comparing my life with others’ and you see how other people live their life so happily and with so much content. Then again, it is all social media and I don’t know what is going through their life. Everyone has problems and I believe it depends on how one deals with the problem. Social media is just an illusion that everything is mostly fine, when sometimes, it isn’t and I shouldn’t be feeling so bad about myself when other people had accomplished so much.

I already have this idea that for 2017, I won’t be posting so much about myself on social media. I still have this backward idea that people should communicate by phone, or writing letters or visiting each others’ house/room for tea/hangout. I guess I do this to save money when I’m underpaid because of the shitty economy we are in. I am sick and tired of some of the things in life that I wished things are better.

Anyways, thank you 2016 for my graduation, my job, Utada Hikaru’s comeback, new anime to go fangirl about and family and friends. Until then, take care and God bless.

So long

Yesterday, 2 people that I had known unfortunately passed away due to drowning, in an attempt to save a life.

I met one of the victims just last Wednesday and the next thing I knew, he was one of the unfortunate victim.

I definitely felt a temporal loss. Death was so ‘close’ to me. At that point I thought to myself, “Life is too damn precious”.

Rest in Peace, Shawn and Naj.

A trip to Daiso, Miri.

Yesterday I stopped by Daiso in Bintang Mall, Miri. Ever since I knew the opening of Daiso, I had been itching to go. I mean, it couldn’t be any more different than the ones in Japan, could they?

Daiso Miri

The moment I entered the store, I first shopped from the first isle, which was my favourite section of the whole store, FOOD. Since everything is priced at RM5.30 (It’s RM5 plus 6% GST), I told myself to take about 10 items for this 1st trip. I took my sweet time at the food isle because everything is the same from Japan: furikake, rice, curry, seasonings, etc. Needless to say, I bought a lot of my favourite food that I missed consuming: Here’s the list of food I had shamelessly bought:

Japanese food Daiso

  • Goma (Sesame) dressing for the salad. I initially took 2 bottles but because I never tried this one, I settled for just one.
  • Tempura powder. I love tempura and I hope this packet could produce the tempura that is shown on the package: Nice, crispy texture.
  • Butter shoyu furikake and salmon seaweed furikake. Furikake is a type of condiment you put on top of your rice.
  • Vegetable curry sauce. Admittedly I am not a fan of Japanese curry because it is ‘sweet’ for me who prefers Indian curry. But then again, I rarely eat Japanese curry so this time, I bought this to try.
  • Mentaiko cream spaghetti sauce. Mentaiko is a kind of fish egg. These spaghetti packs are easy to cook too. Either microwave it or put into hot boiling water for 5 minutes and it is ready for serving. I remembered not liking mentaiko but I actually missed this food!
  • Melon soda. I missed melon bread so I bought the soda to compensate.
  • UCC Blended Coffee and Mild Milk Tea. These 2 cans come at a price of 1 and I missed Japanese coffee and milk tea too.
  • And a small sakura tea cup because it is cute XD

I told myself that the next time I visit Daiso, I better bring a backpack or a hand carry luggage as these items were heavy to carry in a plastic bag. I hope Daiso will stay in Miri forever because that’s the only place for me to buy cheap Japanese food.