Blogs that I (try to) read daily

As I graduated and earned a college degree, I realised that my reading skills slowly plummeted. I think it has to do with the absence of every day reading while I was pursuing my degree and now, reading can sometimes be a chore. And to think that before I had to read something almost every other day to complete my assignment! However, like a habit, it has to start slow and gradually you will get the hang of it.

There are 2 blogs that I wanted to introduce today: The Financial Diet and Spills Spot. Both are blogs that discusses about money in general and tips on managing our finances. I think that as I am slowly getting used to the working adult life, money is ever so important than it was. Having too little or too much isn’t good either.

Both blogs gave me a pleasure in understanding how I come to terms with money. It’s a hard-hit reality when I read some of the posts such as ‘Frugal Living is a┬áNew Mindset‘ and ‘35 Money Questions You Should Be Able To Answer By 35‘ but I believe that posts like these will help me grow as a person, hopefully equip with more money-sense.